Your Miles of Smiles dentist will begin to evaluate the health of your mouth by asking if you have any symptoms such as throbbing, aching, or pain when you chew. You may be asked about previous dental work or injury to your teeth and any medical conditions you may have.

After your history is taken, your Miles of Smiles dentist will examine your teeth. Your dentist looks for cavities, assesses the condition of any fillings you have, checks to see if your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold, and feels for loose teeth. Your dentist may also tap on your teeth to check for pain and may evaluate your gums to find out how healthy they are. An electric pulp test evaluates the health of the nerves in your mouth, and a fiberoptic test may reveal cracks in your teeth as your dentist shines a special light on them.


Our intraoral examinations camera provides exceptional visual access and it allows you to see the view too. It features the latest in LED technology, greater depth of field and automatic brightness adjustments.
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Gendex CT Scan

The Gendex CT Scan is a 3D Cone Beam scan that creates a three-dimensional image of a patient’s head, providing a series of high resolution digital images of their maxillofacial area. The Cone Beam scan is the most thorough and accurate image available today.

High-resolution, digitally-enhanced pictures provide many layers of information that can be separated to view every aspect of a patient’s mouth, face and jaws. Cone Beam imaging converts a series of conventional low-dose x-rays into high resolution images by managing information through highly sophisticated software. The software creates a digital model of a patient’s oral cavity that can be viewed on a monitor, rotating the image from an infinite selection of angles.

Once the scan is captured in the computer, the software will calculate exact measurements of every element of the facial structure. The scan takes less than a minute and is painless. From a 360° scan of the jaw and mouth, these images will aid in choosing the most precise treatment plan for a patient.