Advances in modern Prosthodontics means that you can now have comfortable, natural-looking and long lasting full or partial dentures that look and feel as close to natural as possible. Made of space-aged materials they are stain resistant and easy to care for giving you a confidence throughout the day.

At Miles of Smiles we understand the latest developments in Prosthodontics and can recommend and fit you with the proper full or partial dentures. Whether you’re being fitted for replacements or your very first set, we’ll make the process simple, comfortable and rewarding.


Our premium dentures are custom designed for comfort and flexibility to meet the individual needs of each patient. Made from the finest materials, our dentures look and feel like natural teeth. They resist staining, are stronger, last longer, and fit more comfortably than typical dentures. You’ll find your new dentures to be the most lifelike and natural dentures you’ve ever had.



There are many choices of materials to use for creating your custom designed partial denture. Your dentist will determine your unique needs through an oral examination and present your options. Your product choices may include some of the following:



Vitallium 2000
This industry standard alloy is manufactured in a unique quality controlled process that creates a strong, lightweight, and comfortable partial denture.

Thermoflex is a strong resin clasp that matches your existing tooth color and can be used in most cases to replace shiny metal clasps.

When you want the strength of metal and the esthetics of Valplast this is your best choice. By utilizing Valplast clasps with Vitallium your partial will not interfere with your smile.

The use of gold in dentistry dates back to the early Egyptians. Using gold can improve the look of basic metal clasps and is the most biocompatible metal available.

Valplast, a durable tissue colored thermoplastic, can be used with or without all available metals to improve the look and feel of your partial denture.

If you’re sensitive to most conventional metals, Titanium could be the answer. Its high strength, and light weight make it very comfortable to wear.

Partials with Crowns
When your remaining teeth need to be replaced with crowns and a partial, your Miles of Smiles dentist may suggest a partial that attaches to your crowns with special connectors creating a more esthetic and comfortable partial.